Made to order. Shipping ready in 3 -5 weeks
Made to order. Shipping ready in 3 -5 weeks
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Jewelry must be stored and used with care. Our pieces are made with gemstones, sterling silver, organic material, brass and gold. Keep them away from harsh heat, chemicals and abrasive situations. 

Sterling silver requires occasional polishing with a polishing cloth or solution and storage away from moisture.

Brass requires occasional care with mild detergent and water and must be thoroughly dried afterwards. Polishing with commercial brass cleaners is also available. We do not coat our brass as some commercial coatings have trace amounts of benzene which is not ok. 

Gold pieces can be gently washed with mild detergent solution. They can also pe expertly cleaned.  

Gemstones require loving care. Store your gemstone pieces away from light and prevent from being scratched. We provide storage for your pieces.

Enjoy your jewelry but treat your pieces with love.